Tomorrow it all starts!

The arranger is preparing all the disciplines. The exhibitors are fixing the last details in their areas. The contestants are strolling around in the competition area. Some of them are having a final training…

Tomorrow it finally starts – the 28th World Logging Logging Championships! Location: the beautiful adventure park Tripsdrill north of Stuttgart, Germany. This is the place where the world’s best loggers will put their skills to the test in disciplines like Tree felling, Precision bucking and Limbing.

Let the championships begin. And, of course, let the best man and team win!







”I believe in gold again!”

Contestants using Husqvarna chainsaws have gathered for training four times during the spring and summer. The participants have achieved very good results at all these training camps.

The first camp was held in Austria. A total of 16 participants performed at their maximum. Massimiliano Biemmi from Italy won two of the disciplines and also the whole competition with an impressive 1656 points. Hans Raffl, gold medallist at the 2006 World Logging Championships, had the same score before the final discipline, Limbing – but lost 20 points because of a small mistake at the end.

The second camp took place in Holland. On this occasion, Wolfgang Heidemann from Germany showed everybody that he’s still in top shape. With 1606 points he took first place, followed by Ole Kjaer from Denmark  1600 points.

A third training camp was held at the same time in Estonia with people from countries such as Russia, Finland, the Baltic States and also the newcomer Poland. Not less than five participants got more than 1600 points – an extremely good result. Ilya Shvetsov from Russia, 2004 World Champion, won three of the disciplines as well as the whole competition during the camp. Shvetsov’s total points: 1653.

The fourth and final training camp was held in Holland once again with selected people from the earlier camps. It was an opportunity to ”polish” everything in detail prior to the WLC in Germany. Robert Cuk from Slovenia won with a good score of 1613 points (he also won two of the disciplines) and Wolfgang Junglas from Germany got the second best total result, 1609 points.

Anders Kragner, in charged of Husqvarna’s involvement in the World Logging Championships, says: "I'm very impressed by the results from the training camps. I believe in gold again, based on such a broad base of skills and the hunger of the Husqvarna contestants."



Impressive medal harvest through the years.

 Over the years, Husqvarna has enjoyed success after success at the World Logging Championships. Our team members have won numerous medals, often gold, since the first WLC in 1970. The results from recent championships give a good picture of how things usually end up.

14 medals in 2006 WLC

Nine medals in the senior class and five in the juniors was the result after the 2006 championships in Otepää Estonia. An interesting fact is that Husqvarna took six of twelve possible individual golds.

The following Husqvarna competitors won medals:

Total, seniors

Gold: Hans Raffl, Italy
Bronze: Wolfgang Heidemann, Germany

Disciplines, seniors

Tree felling

Gold: Gottfried Schädlich, Germany
Silver: Hugo van Bijsterveldt, Netherlands

Fitting another chain
Bronze: Vadim Ivankulov, Russia

Bucking by combined cuts
Gold: Ilya Shvetsov, Russia
Silver: Gheorghe Ture, Romania

Precision bucking
Bronze: Lars Strandell, Sweden

Gold: Vadim Ivankulov, Russia

Disciplines, juniors

Tree felling
Silver: Mathew Thomas. United Kingdom

Bucking by combined cuts
Shared Gold: Mathew Thomas, United Kingdom

Precision bucking
Silver: Petras Navickas. Lithuania
Bronze: Patrik Sjöberg, Sweden

Gold: Patrik Sjöberg, Sweden



130 contestants compete in the 28th World Logging Championships.

The World Logging Championships are held every two years. The contestants compete, both as individuals and in national teams, in the following disciplines: Tree felling, Fitting another chain, Bucking with combined cuts, Precision bucking and Limbing.

The 28th championships take place 3–5 October in Tripsdrill, Germany.
130 contestants from 30 nations will participate. As usual, many of them are using chainsaws from Husqvarna.

Over the years Husvarna contestants have won many medals. During the last two championships our contestants took 17 out of 48 medals.

On this blog site we’ll publish daily updates from WLC 2008. Until the championships begin, these pages will be continuously filled with everything you need to know about the World Logging Championships. So, that’s a good reason why you should visit this site soon again.

Gold Favourites

Wolfgang Heideman

From Germany competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Robert Cuk

From Slovenia competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Lars Strandell

From Sweden competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Jukka Peramaki

From Finland competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Arian Essenstam

From the Netherlands competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™