Great final day of the WLC.

The 28th World Logging Championships (WLC) was completed in lovely sunshine on Sunday. Around 2 500 people visited the competition area. This means that the WLC 2008 have had a total audience of 4700 people during the three days of competition.

The main event of the day was the Limbing. Husqvarna’s Jukka Perämäki from Finland and the Russian Alexander Sorutsev showed excellent skills. Perämäki’s and Sorutsev’s high points in the discipline resulted in the silver and bronze medals for their total achievements in the WLC.

Finally, Husqvarna would like to say thank you to all our contestants for many good performances. We're already looking forward to the next World Logging Championships, which will be held in Croatia 2010. We hope to see you all there!


Husqvarna's Wolfgang Heidemann from the German team      Jukka Perämäki, Finland, in action in the Limbing.
that won the competition for the national teams.


Perämäki's high total points resulted in the silver medal for his achievement in the championships.

Gold Favourites

Wolfgang Heideman

From Germany competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Robert Cuk

From Slovenia competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Lars Strandell

From Sweden competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Jukka Peramaki

From Finland competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Arian Essenstam

From the Netherlands competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™