It’s about speed and precision

WLC is determined by five events in the following order:

Tree felling

A tree must be felled within three minutes, and land as close as possible to a marker that has been positioned by the competitor. Points are awarded for felling the tree within the time limit, its proximity to the marker and the depth and angle of the directional cut, the hinge and the height difference between the directional cut and the hinge.
Max points: 660

Fitting another chain

The competitor must remove the chain and bar, fit a new chain and turn the bar, and then re-install the chain and bar. It’s important that the new chain is correctly installed, as it may not be adjusted before the next two events. If a competitor must re-tension their chain, points are deducted.
Max points: Approx. 120

Bucking by combined cuts

The competitor must saw a 30-80 cm thick disc from a sloping tree trunk, by first sawing from below and then from above. This is repeated on another trunk that is sloping in the other direction. Points are awarded for the straightness and evenness of the cuts.
Max points: approx 200.

Precision bucking

Here competitors have to make two cuts on two logs positioned on wooden discs covered with sawdust. Points are deducted for sawing into the discs.
Max points: approx. 250. Awarded for perfect angles and minimal (0 mm) remaining wood on the bottom of the log.


The participant must remove 30 specially made branches positioned on a six-metre long, horizontal tree trunk. The branches must be sawn off even with the trunk. Leaving stumps that are too long (5 mm) incurs a time penalty. The same applies to cuts made in the trunk (5 mm).
Max points: approx. 450–460 for quick and accurate sawing.

Outside the competition: International relay race

A relay race that judges precision, speed and safe sawing. Each team member has to run over a course and execute a number of operations. The event is being conducted as a test to see if it should replace some other event in future championships.

Gold Favourites

Wolfgang Heideman

From Germany competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Robert Cuk

From Slovenia competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Lars Strandell

From Sweden competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Jukka Peramaki

From Finland competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™

Arian Essenstam

From the Netherlands competing with a Husqvarna 576 XP™